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A* STAR SIMTech, Collection & Delivery Management System

Navigate, Execute, and Verify Seamlessly with CDMS

Take control of your logistics processes like never before and unlock up to S$11,400 in funding for qualified SMEs. Seamlessly track, navigate, execute, and verify shipments with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

What is a Collection & Delivery Management System

CDMS provides real-time tracking and management capabilities for collection and delivery processes, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

By leveraging cloud technology and mobile applications, our CDMS solution offers a cost-effective, user-friendly, and self-learning platform to effectively handle logistics operations, ensuring accurate tracking, optimized resource utilization, and seamless process management.

Benefits of A*STAR SIMTech's CDMS

Streamlined Logistics

Monitor driver locations and capacity and utilise quick navigation features

to streamline your logistics operations.


Achieve optimal task execution by leveraging real-time information intelligence, ensuring efficient

and accurate delivery processes.

Reliable Verification

Ensure reliable collection and delivery verification, minimizing

product loss and wrong deliveries.


With CDMS, gain enhanced visibility and control, reducing errors and ensuring customer satisfaction through

accurate order fulfilment.

Seamless Reporting

Eliminate manual paperwork and simplify data management

with our CDMS solution.


Generate comprehensive reports quickly, enabling you to make

data-driven decisions and improve overall logistics performance.




*Estimated improvements based on average post-implementation performance.

Check your eligibility for grants

Find out if you qualify for up to S$11,400 in funding — no application hassle required.

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Experience a seamless workflow

Request Delivery

Submission of request to initiate the delivery of goods.

Job Allocation

Assignment and confirmation of delivery task.

Tag & Scan

Tagging and scanning of goods for efficient delivery tracking.


We implement and train your team to fully utilise our solution.

Delivery completed

We provide lifetime support and assistance to increase technology adoption.

Streamline Logistics Operations
& Boost Efficiency with CDMS


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