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Storage on Cloud vs Local

Why should you migrate your data on local server to Cloud?

Moving company’s data to the cloud are becoming more pressing, as it is evident that to be efficient and automate your business processes, move to the cloud not only simplify the work for your employees, it is also much more affordable for the business.

The drawback of maintaining data on local server is that it is static. If you have a new version of Microsoft Windows or Office coming out, you have to consider how your on-premise Dynamics NAV solution will work with the upgrade. A simple change in the Office update can disrupt your report generation in Dynamics NAV!

We have had many conversations with clients about this very topic. Office updates can break the ability for NAV to send data to Excel, and special customizations that were done previously might even stop working because the feature not been updated for the new updates at Office 365 or Windows 10.

Sometimes clients had to pay additional to do a platform or application update on the NAV side, which can be a big cost due to effort around three-way code merges and testing. Or they have had to run unsupported legacy operating systems, such as Windows 7, on stand-alone computers (disconnected from the internet and office network, to prevent the particular update from corrupting the NAV settings)

Imagine if you were to perform a large-scale renovation at your home, but not update your electrical or your plumbing. You might get a fancy lighting fixtures in place, but due to outdated electrical connections, it is unable to fully light up the new fixtures. It will still work but would not be optimized. Would you like such a renovation?

At the same time, data is expected to grow exponentially for the next decades. Remember we were just using squarish 3.5″ floppy disk that had only 512KB storage hardly 20 years ago! And that was more than sufficient storage space at the time. Local server is limited in storage space, and after several years you would be required to upgrade the hard disk and do migration of data and applications. There might be newer technology then, and you might even be required to have the server replaced. But if the company data is stored on cloud, the maintenance and upgrading are an on-going process and seamless to you, it would not affect your daily work and processing.

Microsoft is committed to delivering up-to-date solutions that help businesses streamline their processes and better manage the data. Currently NAV clients can enjoy a discount of up to 40% off when you upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central. However, this discounted price ends on June 30, 2021 hence do take advantage of this period and make the switch to Dynamics 365 Business Central on cloud. For a more safe and enhanced data storage and business processing.


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