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Smart Office, ESS Portal, Leave & Expense Claim Management

Enhance Efficiency and Simplify Work with Smart Office

Our comprehensive solution brings together powerful tools and streamlined processes to revolutionize your workplace. With the Smart Office, you can optimize productivity, improve collaboration, and streamline operations, all in one centralized platform.

What is Smart Office?

Smart Office is an innovative solution that transforms traditional workplaces into intelligent, efficient, and digitally-driven environments, enabling seamless collaboration, streamlined processes, and data-driven decision-making.

 It revolutionizes the way work is done by providing centralized access to information, automating routine tasks, and improving overall efficiency.

From employee self-service portals for leave management and expense claims to centralized timesheet management, Smart Office streamlines administrative tasks, reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy.

Key Features of Smart Office

Expense Claim Management

Experience streamlined and efficient expense claim management with SmartOffice's eExpenseClaim Module. Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace the simplicity and user-friendliness of our feature-rich web portal.


With multi-level approval workflows, multi-currency and VAT/GST options, automatic email alerts, and seamless integration with various ERPs and banks for Payment, eliminate redundancy and reduce approval turnaround time by 75%.


Gain valuable insights, and elevate your productivity with SmartOffice's eExpenseClaim Module.

Leave Management

Transform your leave management with SmartOffice's innovative Leave Tracking solution. Experience multilevel approval workflows, automatic email alerts for leave requests, approvals, rejections, and medical certificate reminders.


Utilize the Leave Planner to easily compare conflicting leaves and ensure optimal staffing. Gain valuable insights with comprehensive leave analysis across regions and companies. Track and manage leave documents effortlessly.


Embrace a new era of efficient and organized leave management with SmartOffice's exceptional features.

Procurement Management

Streamline requisitions and request online quotes from vendors, simplifying the entire request for quotation (RFQ) process. Benefit from an easy-to-use platform that consolidates quotes, offers a price comparison dashboard and supports seamless integration with various ERP systems' Purchase modules.


Experience the power of online approvals, auto-email functionality for e-quotations, and flexible vendor selection options. SmartOffice empowers you to make informed decisions, enhance efficiency, and optimize your procurement workflow.

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