Smart Office

SMART OFFICE – A Web Based Self Service Portal

As a web based self service portal for employees, it can help to increase the efficiency of an office’s day to day operation. With Smart Office, you can expect reduced data entry duplication & improved transparency.

Features of Smart Office


Every company has expense claims and petty cash claims and more than often it has been found to be done manually be it submission, approval or accounting entry in the ERP system. SmartOffice Web Portal :eExpenseClaim Module has been proven to be feature rich yet simple and user friendly. Globally our solution has been well accepted as it eliminates redundancy and duplication of work and greatly steam lines the process electronically. This module has proven to reduce the approval turnaround time by 75% while the data entry time into the ERP is reduced by 100% due to seamless integration.


  • Expense Claim with multi-level approval work flow based on the expense amount slabs.
  • Multiple Currencies / VAT & GST options.
  • Automatic E-mail alert on Claim Request, Approval and Rejection.
  • Interface with various banks for ePayment(GIRO) .
  • Expense Tracking By Dimension (Ex. Projects / Departments etc).
  • Integration with various ERPs like :
Expense claim


SmartOffice delivers Leave Tracking in a totally new way. Be it small company or large multinational subsidiaries wanting to see leave details of all entities on one single screen.


  • Leave Request with Multilevel Approval Work Flow.
  • Automatic E-mail alert on Leave Request, Approval, Rejection, reminders for medical certificate submission.
  • Leave Planner to compare conflicting leaves between employees.
  • Leave Analysis across regions / companies.
  • Leave Document Tracking (Example : Medical Certificates)
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Seamlessly streamline the requisition process by online purchase request and then emailing it to the relevant vendors for online quote submission. This has proven to facilitate a very quick and easy request for quotation (RFQ) as well as quote comparison on one screen across different vendors.


  • Online Requisition request.
  • Online Approval.
  • Auto or Manual vendor selection option.
  • Auto-Email to suppliers with e-Quotation option.
  • Consolidation of quote from different suppliers and price comparison dashboard.
  • Option to integrate to various ERP’s Purchase module.
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